~ Illustrations by Steve Burnett

I’m William Duke, many of you know me as Bill. I’ve been a voting resident of Delaware County since 2011. In 2013 I moved to Andes with my lovely wife, Madonna Badger.

I love Andes in all seasons. Its beautiful American-made clapboard architecture is unique among towns on 28. An interest in protecting this streetscape along with keeping taxes low by expanding the tax base through economic development has led me to run for the Town Council on the Independent Main Street Party Line.

I’ve invested a great deal (almost everything) in the Willow Drey Farm wedding venue and four Airbnb apartments in the village. You could say I’m “All-in” for Andes.

After many years in magazine publishing and 10 years selling real estate in Brooklyn, I’m ready willing and able to do the job for you.

Our heritage is important and smart preservation is key to economic development and growth.

Please vote for William Duke on the Main Street party line. For more information please email me or give me a call on my cell at (917) 859.5397. I’d love to talk to you about your interests or concerns.